bossAs you become aware of the importance of your health and become ill, the importance of a tooth is probably best realized when you lose it. To our disadvantage, a tooth does not have self-curing ability. Thus once the decayed part is lost, it cannot be reproduced. Dentists must remove the decayed part and replace the cavity with an artificial material. The technologies of a false tooth and implants have much advanced in the last few years, however there is no more wonderful thing than using your own tooth. Our best intention is to extend the life of your teeth through our orthodontic treatment.

photo01We will provide the latest technology of ever advancing orthodontic treatment with continuing education to remain in the forefront of orthodontics.

photo03We will provide comfortable and caring high-quality treating environment by investing on the advanced and safe equipments.

photo02We value “Informed Consent” to practice treatment along with the patients’ perspective.


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